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Creativity with a
generous dose of technology.

You might understand technology or not. What matters is that contact with us makes you think, enquire and provoke, opening paths for your communication that you never knew existed. At an agency that simplifies problems, innovation is served with creativity, skill and critical thinking.

With Skill

  • Innovation of apps and gadgets
  • Creation of sites and landing pages
  • Programming and database solutions

With Critical Thinking

  • Business Intelligence
  • Social Media Intelligence

With Creativity

  • Digital Communication Planning
  • Content and Art Direction


Fullbar’s communication market knowledge has enabled us to go the extra mile, developing specific and customized solutions. We’re aware of our clients’ emergency needs and our timely solutions have been specifically designed to cater for these.


Do you need your campaign like… yesterday?

Full/Promo is an exclusive Fullbar product with an ultra-tight development turnaround time, prepared to support promotion campaigns with lucky draw mechanisms and special gifts. It is also totally customizable and integrated with social network to ensure your promo’s success.

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Intelligent dashboards with database integration

Ideal for small-size incentive campaigns focused on sales teams, trade and affirmation. Follow team-progress in real-time by means of reports and online dashboards with the exact information needed to sell more!

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Cultural contests with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter integrated is what we do.

Rapid and with pre-programed layout, the Full/Contests platform is perfect for your cultural contest data extraction, be it for photo selection, videos or text, apart from being integrated to social networks. Everything done in accordance with CEF regulations.

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Everything related to your event fast and practical

Publish your site’s event in a couple of days with all the relevant RSVP intelligence and participant database. It’s fast, simple and you can also add a payment gateway as an optional tool to receive tickets directly from the website.

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Solution technology for PDV.

A complete field team system prepared for audit assistance of the affirmation process in PDV. The platform works on any smartphone model and contains check-in fields at point-of-sale, photo and video uploads, and personalized visit itinerary per participant.

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Skill in game design as a complement to your strategy.

With Full/Play, the most popular games are pre-programed with customizable layout, enhancing your promotion campaigns, institutional websites and competitions.

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Rewards system integrated with the market’s main e-commerces companies.

With vast experience in integration directed to e-commerce, Full/Rewards gives you a complete store for your incentive or rewards campaign. Thousands of options available for participants to exchange points for fuel-vouchers, cell phone credit top-up, household appliances or electronic gadgets. Schedule a meeting to find out more about our partners.

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Spotlight and relevance for brands and products on PDV.

The current Brazilian consumer makes 70% of their purchase decisions at point-of-sale. Perfect opportunity to offer the public a sensorial experience that stimulates results. Full/Shopper is a mobile interaction tool through product recognition or PDV material by an app installed on a cell-phone. With it, it is possible to initiate missions, interact with augmented reality, promote quizzes, generate lucky numbers or accumulate points in a relationship program.

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